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Dog Tugs & Chew Toys

Popular with German Shepherd Police K9 Schutzhund Puppy Training.
Dog Tugs and Chew Toys are Designed to Introduce, Guide or Build the Dog Bites.

Introducing high quality dog tugs and chew toys to military, police, service or working puppies is recommended in setting the stage for future K9 bite building and development. Dog chew toys and k9 tugs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate any dog breed during the early stages of life.
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Compact Puppy Tug Compact Puppy Tug


Our Price: $14.86
Tall Narrow Puppy Tug Tall Narrow Puppy Tug


Our Price: $16.31
Mini Tug Mini Tug


Our Price: $18.42
Intermediate Tug Intermediate Tug


Our Price: $24.22
Chew Rag Chew Rag


Our Price: $25.38
Big Tug Big Tug


Our Price: $31.47
Giant Tug Giant Tug


Our Price: $44.52
Dog Chew Pillow Dog Chew Pillow


Our Price: $46.33
Youth K9 Bite Builder Youth K9 Bite Builder


Our Price: $66.63
Bite Builder w/ 3 Handles Bite Builder w/ 3 Handles


Our Price: $105.78
Advanced Dog Bite Builder Advanced Dog Bite Builder


Our Price: $142.03