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Dog-On Water Ramp Dog-On Water Ramp

Dog-On Water Ramp

Pet Ramp Designed for Convenient Water Access

Dog-On Water Ramp Images DECK: The functional deck has four holes in the leading edge for ease of attachment to various structures. It provides a safe and convenient platform for the dog to launch and return from a retrieve as well as shake off and rest. The surface texture and ridges help provide traction and the through-holes allow water to run off making it less slippery. The custom molded deck is a UV resistant, plastic resin product that's easy to maintain. Rotationally molded plastics feature tremendous stress crack resistance and impact strength. Some waviness is normal. It's hollow interior and uniform exterior wall thickness makes it ridged yet lightweight.

EXTERNAL TUBE FABRIC: Choose brightly colored Royal Blue or Forest Green to compliment popular boat decors. These materials are 18oz. PVC coated polyester and have been used for years on inflatable boats because of its durability, abrasion resistance and tolerance for UV. To keep it looking sharp simply clean with mild soap and refresh its shine with a liquid vinyl treatment.

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INTERNAL BLADDER AND VALVE: This superior 100% polyurethane, RF (radio frequency) welded bladder was selected over other butyl and PVC film materials due to its amazing strength and long life. RF welding seams two layers of polyurethane together without the use of heat so all of the original properties of the material are maintained. The Halkey Roberts valve is very reliable and easy to inflate and rapidly deflate. A standard tire valve with a short length of clear tubing is provided with the filler valve to inflate the tubes. RAMP. Superman mesh not only is the name but the description as well for this tough 18oz. rubberized coated fabric. This negatively buoyant mesh submerges readily and easily allows water to drain through. The spacing of the dual threads in the mesh provides traction without the possibility of having a dogs claw being caught and injured. Galvanized, corrosive resistant, steel tubing is used for the spreader bar. Superman might be able to bend it, but this baby is plenty strong for its application.

STRAPS AND BUCKLES: Nylon strapping, known for its strength and resistant to sun rot, provides the means for attaching the deck to the flotation tubes and ramp. Straps threaded through tough Nexus ladder-locks, made of Delrin, keep the deck and tubes aligned and snug to each other.

ZIPPERS AND STITCHING: Big #10 nylon, YKK brand, self-repairing zippers are used to access the bladder. These quality zippers easily handle the air pressure in the bags. Ramp components may be attached via heavy-duty Velcro, snaps or zippers to the inflated tubes. The thread is industrial-strength, sun-resistant polypropylene. All seams having any stress on them are doubled stitched for added stability.

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